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Learning about Human Social Cultural Behaviour.

IIP Bubble 3Our courses are based on the seminal work of Prof Clare W Graves and the work of Dr. Don Beck called Spiral Dynamics Integral. The further work of Dr. John Cook in change, culture and memetics and Christopher Cooke a Master Practitioner. We also include in our Intentional Integral Practice (IIP) courses a range of other academic and practical points of view to give an integral approach to understanding Social and Cultural Behaviours. See our new and improved cloud based survey system – the next generation


Link to overview presentation of some of the content of the courses that use the Intentional Integral Practice Model.

Things that work for individuals, organisations and companies in a ‘real’ world.

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Understanding Human Social Cultural Behaviours


  • Life work balance

  • Sustainability

  • Diversity

  • Multiple Bottom Lines


Understand what  really works for you.

By understanding these change variations relating to yourself and your group, change becomes smoother and more sustainable. Run through the model below.

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This is only an indication of the exciting range of learning that is available on our courses. Join a course and find out for yourself.