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Additional Information

A Little Background to the Development of Online Cultural & Social Dynamics

Social & Cultural Dynamics is a system of evaluation and assessments. Based on the pioneering research of Professor Clare w Graves, a Professor of Psychology who discovered the underlying codes of human nature and development

Our model is designed from a meta-model perspective, and encapsulates the principles and wisdom from the body of work that includes Culture, Change, Memetics, All Quadrant All Level model and earlier work known as Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi). The scope of our work is the basis for these ‘Personal Profiles’ which provide insights and information about the natural processes of the brain, personal perceptions and individual existential states. These states, it is known, are influenced by the prevailing external life conditions and the internal capacities that enable them. Correct use of our tools allows an understanding of the interplay between these different dynamics.

Our CultureView tools provides insights into those hidden human systems that allow an individual or an organization to thrive in their current environment; and the types and phases of change that are ongoing and appropriate for survival and development.

The Online Social & Cultural Dynamics services can be utilized in elegantly simple ways — encompassing very general themes or very specific issues. They have been established to maximize efficiency and provide clear and concise data, with an ability to increase the level of complex information provided depending on the needs of its users.

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Core Support to the Global Constellation

Principles of the Design of Online Social & Cultural Dynamics

CultureView, ChangeView and CopingView were designed with the following principles that have continued to inform the development and utilization of this overall service:

  • To make available to suitably qualified and competent individuals an efficient and cost effective means of providing access anywhere in the world to profiles, tools and techniques that will support the conscious creation of habitats that will enable emergence.
  • Aims for viability for all involved. Designed for multiple-income stream models, through the utilization of the existing instruments and the licensed development of new profiles.
  • All usage contributing to a global memeplex survey and the development of advanced practices in application.

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