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A Brief History and Milestones of 5 Deep

  • 1997: Hidden Resources Change Management Ltd, commits to demonstrable application of application of Spiral Dynamics.
  • 1999: HemsMESH project in UK demonstrates large scale social engagement and surveying across a survey sample of over 2,300 persons aged between 11 years and 78 years of age.
  • 2000: Success at HemsMESH leads to the creation of 5 Deep and a commitment to create web based survey platform for use by global network.
    • Dr Don Beck agrees to the development of online assessment.
  • 2001: 5 Deep, as part of Spiral Dynamics Group Constellation, commits to become long term storyteller for this work and helps fund development of Online PeopleSCAN.
  • 2003: Additional training modules developed by 5 Deep, to offer specialised training in the application of Spiral Dynamics Integral.
    • A series of successful CultureSCAN – Training events held in New Zealand, the USA and Great Britain — all providing added-value insights, and significantly contributing to the successful application of an “Integral” perspective. Notable case-study topics over the last few years, have included:
    • The development of the Dallas Indicators – Dallas, Texas,
    • Be-the-Change – (Annual Large Scale Public Event) – London
    • “Peoples Panel Public Enquiry” (the London Olympic Games 2012) – London – (3 events)
    • Town Centre Management – Ossett, West Yorkshire (England)
    • Handling Growth and Diversity – Denton City, Texas
    • Community Development – Peckham, London
    • Education and Local Upliftment – Westlake City – Dallas, Texas
    • Transport department Auckland City Council (2010)
    • Nurses and Social Service Tutors (2013) Whangarei New Zealand.
    • Dynamics and cultural change in the mining industry in South Africa (2013)
    • Personal development and counselling South Africa (2012)
  • 2003: Surveys in the Water Industry trigger the development of advanced analysers and the development of an overall consultancy approach that builds upon 1st principles of SDi.
  • 2003: Plans for the inclusion of BrainSCAN online commenced – still work in progress. LeaderSCAN360 converted from earlier Excel version developed by C G Cooke in 1998.
  • 2003: VBSCAN (3 variants) Developed to create linkages between CTT (Richard Barrett) approach and SDi – this is still work in progress.
  • 2004: Web based CultureSCAN profile is developed from earlier paper based versions to include ‘Fit factor’ and a much enhanced presentation and analysis of data.
  • 2004: John Cook relocates to New Zealand and becomes recognized as the academic core of the 5 Deep network. Dr Don Beck invests in NZ to assist the spread of training in SDi.
  • 2004: PeopleSCAN- Express and Administrator launched.
  • 2005: A separate module known as Online PeopleSCAN, launched in Washington, during early 2005. This training offers advanced training in the utilization of Spiral Dynamics Group’s suite of personal and group profiles offered updated and now offered via 5 Deep.
  • 2005: Plans for the development of an enhanced Online PeopleSCAN web-based environment are planned and development commenced. Global FOCALS are gradually formalized through autonomous alignment — Netherlands, Canada, UK, Switzerland, USA, South Africa, New Zealand & Australia. Plans under-way for France & Germany during 2006.
  • 2005: Development of SDi ‘Trainer the Trainer’ courses in various countries.
  • 2006: Launch SDi training Online at
  • 2006: CP2 Conscious Practitioner Program is launched as an intensive 5-day training that offers the adventurous a fully integrated and aligned version of CultureSCAN and Online Assessment training.
  • 2006: First upgrade to the old Online PeopleSCAN website and revised system launched.
  • 2008: Work starts on upgrading Online PeopleSCAN tools to latest internet tools.
  • 2008: John Cook gains PhD “The Role of the Individual in Organisational Cultures: A Gravesian Integrated Approach”. Sheffield Hallam University. This uses SDi assessments as part of the thesis. Includes two case studies in the UK water industry and European IT industry.
  • 2010: Launch of IntegralSCAN series – the first one being Risk and Safety proven with 400 miners in South Africa.
  • 2011: The development of customised questionnaires incorporating the core thinking of Graves’ framework. Linked into subject object type model of Kegan. This included the development of interviews and interview analysis to triangulate with SDi type assessments. Over 400 have been completed to validate the principle.
  • 2013: New agreement with Dr Don Beck.
  • 2013: The launch of the updated website and tools. Including Profiles, Audits, Analysis and Customisable Surveys called 5 Deep Assessment surveys.
  • 2014: New Graphical Interfaces and a new suite of surveys with revised and updated questions. CopingView, ChangeView, CultureView CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 (Cs5 and CS6 includes acceptance and rejection) CultureView Community plus a series.
  • 2016:The launch of an entirely new approach to Organizational Development to support company’s making the journey to “Teal”. Based on present and desired and a 4 quadrant model called OrganizationView OV1 – more info.