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Intentional Integral Practice Training on Understanding Human Social Cultural Behaviours.

More about Online 5 Deep Vital Signs.

Intentional Integral Practice (IIP) offer online training in  5 Deep Vital Signs Integral Approach as part of an integrated approach to understanding self and others in your work and personal life.The approach used is based on ‘memes’ and memetics these are units of cultural replication. In advanced training we cover meme complexes architecture (MCA) a Cultural and Social metaphorical equivalent of biological ‘DNA’

The practical implementation of this body of work has been further developed by Christopher Cooke and Dr. John Cook as IIP that provides a ‘map’ of Cultural and Social ‘MCA’ leading to a method that can cope with complex change.

How well do you respond to change?

  • What is your personal leadership style?
  • How you display transformational, entrepreneurial or transitional thinking?
  • How does this impact others in your life (Home and Work)?
  • How do you deal with change at home, work and community?
  • Which of the seven types of change do you prefer and what is your preferred leadership, management and learning styles?
  • How do your personally held ‘value sets’ impact the way you live your life?

In today’s complex and changing environment change has become a way of life. A continuous dance between life conditions and our ability to cope with complexity.

IIP Integral is a wide ranging, comprehensive and fluid framework which is the combination of research and thinking started by Professor Prof Clare W Graves in the 1950s.

IIP Integral is the fusion of the Gravesian model (Prof. Clare W Graves) and Natural Systems Thinking. Applications are universal —from understanding individuals and their interplay with specific communities; comprehending the ramifications of business and community organisations (both in respect of their internal cultural dynamics as well as the ability to respond to changing life conditions); to predicting global change, whether that is a famine in Africa or a Global economic downturn.