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Course Information

Course Information. Understanding Human Social Cultural Behaviours.

Level 1 & 2 (combined): Offers the full theory and principles of Prof Clare Graves (Inc Spiral Dynamics Integral). The content follows a similar format to the six day course run by Dr. Don Beck, Christopher Cooke and Dr. John Cook. However because you are learning in your own time you can explore in greater depth and still be part of a community. The course is also assessed and marked giving a certificate will real meaning. You need to gain at least 60% to pass. The course is split into two parts for ease of study. We include new learning on Memetics, Hermeneutics, Culture and Social Behaviour and posit that Graves’ work are Meme Complexes or Memeplexes and his theory is made up of Meme Complexes Architecture (MCA) the cultural and social equivalent of biological ‘DNA’.

Level 3: Level 3 course is for practitioners. This course you will learn how to use the suite of online assessments of 5 Deep Vital Signs for analysis and understanding. This covers the advanced principles and theory enabling you to use the online assessment tools.  Level 3 training courses move into hands-on application of Level 1 & 2 theory and therefore assume a working knowledge of the entire theoretical framework and how to integrate the work of others into the Gravesian model. A core is understanding the ethics of theses types of assessments and their limitations.

Level 4: These will be developed as demand increases and are aimed at practitioners that require a detailed level of knowledge. These will include carrying out projects with clients and writing up case studies.

Course Leaders: Dr. John Cook and Christopher Cooke – guest speakers and trainers are invited to give live sessions based on the needs of students. Other facilitators are welcome please use the contact page to discuss and get more details – Contact Us

Benefits you will gain from Level 1 & 2 include:

Learning from accredited and trained  Trainers (inc SDi). (For Level 1 & 2 Part 1 and Part 2 verified by Christopher Cooke and Dr Don Beck)

Understanding Professor Clare W Graves’ original ideas and how they have been applied from value engineering to community and international politics.

Learning how life conditions impact your coping mechanisms/system and the answer to implicit questions—”What are the hidden value systems?” and “Now I have this knowledge, what do I do with it?”

Appreciating how various coping systems handle change, learning and management styles. What are your “Hot Buttons?”

Understanding yourself and the coping mechanism filters you use to look out at the world and how this might affect your communications with other people, groups and organisations.

Gaining an in depth understanding of how the planet can become sustainable and learn about stratified systems.