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Level 3

Benefits you will gain from Level 3:

Level 3 cannot be taken on it’s own Level 1 & 2 Part 1 & 2 must be completed first – this gives a IIP Level 3 Practitioner  Certificate. The theme for this Level 3 is how to use and interpret the 5 Deep  assessment tools.

  • Learning from accredited and trained 5 Deep Vital Signs Trainers.
  • Understanding Professor Clare W Graves’ original ideas and how to assess, analyse and apply in the ‘real’ world
  • Learning how life conditions impact your hidden coping mechanics/systems and the answer to implicit questions—”What are the hidden coping mechanisms/systems?” and “Now I have this knowledge, what do I do with it?”
  • Understanding the ethics of using the individual and groups assessments.
  • How other models and points of view can be used and integrated with Professor Clare W Graves’ framework.
  • Understand how to design and use addition questionnaires and data to enrich your work..

Course Content:

Level 3 —Level 3 Practitioner Certificate (5 Deep Vital Signs):

Topic Outline: An Introduction to 5 Deep Online.

Level 3

The successful adoption, and application, of International Integral Practice (IIP), requires use of individual, and group surveys and reporting capabilities. A ‘Natural Designs’ approach is used for Individual, Group, Organizational, Regional and Country-wide profiling. This course is designed to provide familiarity with the software and the further development of expertise in the use of the personal profiles using the framework as part of an Intentional Integral Practice (IIP).

Re-exploring the Spiral and Change

This starts with a recap of the journey you made in Level 1 & 2 and adds to it a reflection of the Coping Mechanisms and Change mechanisms. Forums, Assignment, Interview and a reading list. New Assessments to complete, CopingView A, LeaderView & LeaderView 360, MindsteView and CopingView B.

Subjective or Objective Theory of Application

Look at the ethics and philosophy of using questionnaires. How much do your own filters alter the results. Learn about “White Space”. 2 Lessons 2 Assignments, Forum

The Online Assessment Environment

You will be set up with a ‘Training Account’ so you will be able to familiarise yourself with the online environment. You will download 5 Deep Vital Signs analyser  so that you can analyse and download results. Learn how to use additional data by importing into a spreadsheet analyser. Assignment, Lessons with slides and help files.

A ‘Map’ and ‘Compass’ of Cultural & Social ‘MCA’ to Understanding Human Social Cultural Behaviours.

Once you have analysed and produced your ‘map’ of Cultural ‘MCA’ you will learn how to use advanced analysis to produce gap models of the dynamics between people and groups. How to look at the espoused versus the ‘hidden’ vMeme stacks. Lessons and assignment and an external project.

Satisfactory completion gives a Level 3 Practitioners Certificate and allows enrolment in Level 4 courses with different themes.