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What Students Say

What our Students Say.

2012 – “SDI training has helped me be a better father, friend and employer.  It did this by raising my awareness of the different value systems and motivations of the people in my life . This awareness also helped me understand the nature of many of our national and world problems. This has had the practical effect of making me a better CEO .

SDI helped me understand that being a better CEO did not only entail making more money. It also included creating an environment in which my staff could flourish personally and professionally. I have always been interested in the evolution of the human mind. Dr Cook showed a great deal of interest in making sure that  I received everything possible from the course. He carefully explained some very deep and sophisticated concepts. SDI is a great tool for understanding how we evolved to where we are today and  what we can expect in the future.”
Marcus – USA.

2011 – The SDi training I have thoroughly enjoyed intentional integral practice I and II, as it helped me to understand myself from a self explorative perspective, breaking through hidden boundaries and programmes that had stopped me from living in a connected world of unlimited possibilities.

In my work with others, in a context of the healing arts, coaching, programme design and facilitation of change and transformation the profound insights and tools enable me to bring provoking ideas and well researched concepts to my clients both in a personal development and organizational context. A real fundamental course for any change agent.
Patrick – Americas